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My Valuable Southwest Trip

Last week, we took a trip to the Southwest for 7 days. This trip was an absolutely wonderful memory. I had never been to these areas so I was stimulated by every things, for example, cactus, adobe style buildings, Native American culture and amazing dessert views. It is one of the most interesting trips I ever took, because I experienced some rare things like visiting Grand Canyon, visiting high school and so on. On this trip I could understand about Indian culture from a folk art museum. I would like to introduce some my best memories on this Southwest trip.

My first best memory is Georgia O’Keef museum. Actually, before this trip, I was not familiar with her and didn’t know about any of her artworks, but I was looking forward to visiting here because I like art museums. Her artworks were very unique, abstract and absolutely fabulous, and these were very fresh to me. I especially liked bone’s paintings which one of the most famous her artwork, because the color contrast is very clear and these paintings had mysterious atmosphere. I was really inspired by her artworks. I was also interested in her life because she traveled around the world. I think she was very active and curious. I thought I want to challenge a lot of things in my life as she did, through this art museum visit.  

My second best memory is Junior and Senior high school visit. Almost of all these school students are Native Indians because this school is nearby Acoma Pueblo Sky City. It was my first time to communicate with Indian students. They have some classes which are about Indian language and Indian traditional life style. Some student’s mother tongue is Indian, so I heard   some Indian languages, while visiting this high school. Also, I had never seen real life of Indians, so I was very shocked at the difference of culture. Their culture is completely different from our culture. I saw the students do Indian traditional dance. I was moved by this dance and surprised that they are still keeping and continuing this traditional Indian culture. In Japan, there are some traditional tribes, but they are organized in Japanese modern culture and lifestyle. That’s why I was really inspired by their life and classes. 

My experience at the Grand Canyon was also a wonderful memory. It was one of the my purposes to join this Extension program, so my dream came true. The Grand Canyon is shaped like a huge wave. I was glad to see it. It was totally amazing sight. I was stunned by such a beautiful sight. I saw the sunset  at the Grand Canyon. This sunset was the most beautiful sunset I ever saw. I hardly take pictures, but my friends and I took many pictures at here and I took a selfie. I was glad to see the Grand Canyon and was moved by this fabulous scenery. If I can and I have a enough time, I want to visit there again. I was very impressed by it.

In the end, as you can see, I really totally enjoyed these three experiences and the Southwest trip. It will be my precious experience in my life. Also, I could learn about art, Southwest culture and geography from these three experiences. I got not only memories but also a lot of value from this trip.

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