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My most Amazing Three Memories of the Southwest Trip

Last week, I went to the Southwest with all of the Extension students. Before the trip, we learned about history and culture of the Southwest in American west class. So I was looking forward to going on the Southwest trip. But I couldn’t imagine that I could get a lot of memories and experiences on this trip. During this time, we went to New Mexico and Arizona. In New Mexico, I went to Santa Fe and New Mexico University. After that, I went to the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Each place has different culture and geography. So I was really surprised and impressed by them. Finally, I got three most amazing memories of the Southwest Trip.

First, one of my most amazing memories of South West Trip was downtown in Santa Fe. First of all, I was really impressed by Adobe buildings. I had never seen Adobe buildings before and I thought their design was totally different design from Spokane. The color of the adobe was brown and some of the walls were turquoise blue. So there were a lot of combination of adobe and turquoise blue. I took many pictures of the adobe buildings. In addition, I could go to Mission San Miguel, Loretto Chapel and St. Francis Cathedral. They were close to downtown. So we could go to these churches easily. Actually I researched about Mission San Miguel and St. Francis Cathedral for my American west presentation. So I had an interest in them and I was looking forward to going there. Mission San Miguel is the oldest church in the US. The exterior of church building was a Spanish architectural style and they used Adobe. So I have never seen a building like this chapel. Inside of the church was a mystical atmosphere. There was a big church bell. This bell has a legend. That legend is “ If someone hits a bell, people will come back to Santa Fe.” I thought this legend is very interesting. So I tried to hit the bell there. It was a totally amazing experience for me. After that, we asked local people about their recommended  restaurant. One guy recommended us to go to the Plaza Cafe Downtown. That is a Mexican food restaurant. The restaurant atmosphere was so nice. Then, I wanted to eat taco, so I ordered a taco and salad. The taco was really good. I want to eat them again.

Second I was really impressed by the Georgia O’keeffe Museum. I appreciate art, so I was so excited to see her works of art. I was guided and hear the explanation of the art museum with an app on my iPhone.  It was comfortable for me. Her art was exquisite and impressive. She had used a lot of animal skulls and flower motifs. This art had fascinating individuality. I was impressed by her way of her life because she didn’t have prejudiced and she had a firm belief. I want to live strongly like her. After seeing her art, I bought 5 postcards of her art and a mug for souvenir. I was glad to see her arts.

Third, visiting the Grand Canyon was an absolutely amazing experience for me. I had been waiting for this day to come for a long time Going to Grand Canyon was one of my dreams, so I was glad to go to the Grand Canyon and I could make a lot of memories and experiences there. Especially, I was really moved by the sunset and sunrise in the Grand Canyon. On the first day of Grand Canyon, I saw the sunset with my friends and teacher. When I saw the sunset in the Grand Canyon, I couldn’t understand that the view is real because it was too beautiful. It looked like a picture. I have never seen an absolutely beautiful sunset like this sunset. I took a  lot of picture there.The next day, I got up at 4 AM and I went to top of the Grand Canyon to see the sunrise. That morning was really cold. So I was absolutely freezing. But I could wait for about one hour for the sunrise because I was looking forward to seeing sunrise. The sky looked so beautiful. It was magnificent and mystical. I will never forget the view. After that, I did cycling with my friend. This was one of my dreams. So I rented a bicycle in the visitor center. The weather was so nice day, so we could have a very comfortable time while cycling. We went to visitor center to see Kiba Point. It was not too hard. It was nice exercise for me because I had a lot of delicious food during trip. So I have to lose my weight. That was really good experiences for me. I wanted to ride on bicycle in Grand Canyon again.

In conclusion, I got a lot of experiences and memories in this trip. These experiences and memories are irreplaceable and precious to me. If I hadn’t participate in Extension program, I couldn’t have experience these precious things. I want to appreciate my parents. Finally, I’d like to make the most of what I’ve learned.

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