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Completely amazing trip

I had a good time visiting the Southwest USA with Extension students from 15 to 21, October. It was an education trip and I experienced new things and there was a lot of nature which is comfortable for me. I was looking forward to going on the Southwest trip for a long time. I have image that the Southwest is very hot but this place was cold than Spokane. It was interesting that the temperature was totally different in the same place. There were three emotions that I experienced on this trip.

First, I was moved by the beautiful landscape of the Grand Canyon. It is absolutely enormous. When I look down the cliff, I remembered the teacher's caution for us that there are lots of people who die and I scared. I and my roommate wanted to see the sunrise so we tried to got up at 4:00 a.m. and then we could see the sunrise which was really fabulous. After that, we decided to rent a  bicycle but we changed our mind and because we had lots of time. Surprisingly, we walked 10 miles around there. It made me really exhausted but I got a precious experience which can see the beautiful landscape at the Grand Canyon.

Second, I felt the power of an earth by blowing a hole in Wupatki National Monument. The warm air and cold air were blowing up from the hole. It seems unknown where the hole is connected. That's a mystery. I have never seen and heard anything like this hole. There are many pueblo rooms and I and my friends guessed what kind of room is there. I thought everything looked like a similar room. It is mysterious to think that old people lived there. By the way, I did search on this place before the trip in American West class so I was excited. As a result, it was better legacy than I expected.

Third, I felt a difference between Santa Fe and other places I have visited in the USA. All the buildings were made with adobe, and the whole city was brown. We enjoyed the landscape. Also, we enjoyed Mexican food such as tacos, black beans, and avocado. In addition, there was honey in all the restaurants which I visited and we ate tacos with honey and it was very delicious. I want to try that again. In the morning, people sold a lot of accessories such as necklaces, rings, and bracelets which used turquoise and other stones in front of the Plaza. I bought a turquoise bracelet because Santa Fe is famous for turquoise. Now, it has become my favorite accessory. Also, I was surprised that Santa Fe is movie stage city of my favorite movie which is COCO. It was like Mexico.

In conclusion, I had a totally wonderful time on this trip. I could see beautiful landscape, good legacy, and interesting culture of Santa Fe. I have learned lots of new things like history on this trip. All the places where I went to this time were surrounded by nature and my mind calmed down. I was impressed by beautiful scenery and I got very nice memories. I want to go there again with my family.

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