Wednesday, December 6, 2017

My Fantastic Portland Trip

I really enjoyed learning and shopping in Pasco and Oregon. I traveled by bus to Portland from November 9 to 12 with Extension students who are studying abroad together for 4 months. It took about 7 hours to get there. This drive was the longest hours for me and the last trip in this semester. I was quit looking forward to going in there. One of the reasons I enjoyed the trip is that Portland is urban city. There were three things that I enjoyed most on the trip.

wonderful students at Columbia Basin College

First of all, I really enjoyed visiting the Columbia Basin College in Pasco. I participated in Japanese class and taught the students about Japan. There are pretty people who are studying Japanese more than I expected. My partner was very interested in Japan. I taught her how to make  craft and kabuto which is a Japanese traditional hat. It was especially difficult to teach her the craft because it took a long time to finish completely.  I had problems with difficult words although she knew some words. In addition, she already knew how to make origami so I was totally happy to teach it to her. We talked for 2 hours although I felt like it was only 30 minutes. She highly liked Kabuto because it expresses the Japanese and looks cool definitely. I was happy to share with the students about Japanese culture.

amazingly perfect games

Second, the basketball game at the University of Portland was highly amazing. One of my hobbies is to watch basketball games. It was the pilots versus the Vikings. There were many people in the arena. It was more exciting than ever before. This game was men’s basketball so it was a powerful and compelling game. Almost all of the men are definitely tall so I felt especially excited when they scored a goal. The home team was continuing one point behind the visiting team and It was the end of the game. Each team had strong points. The home team’s strong point was free shooting. On the other hand, the visiting team’s defense is perfectly strong. However, the home team blew a lead and list the last minute. The basketball game was very close, 75-79. I enjoyed their game a lot. It was fantastic and awesome time.

Finally, Uwajimaya in Portland was amazingly marvelous. At this store that we could buy Japanese items such as snacks, seasonal food, meals, and cup noodles. The size is like half of Costco. This was our first trip to go a place with ramen noodles because they just opened from this year. We are lucky people. When I ate ramen noodles, I was extremely moved since the taste reproduces the real tastes of Japan. The noodles were not so expensive. The prices were reasonable. I also had a chance to talk with Japanese people. They came from Aomori which is located in the northern part of Japan’s main island of Honshu. I was glad that I could communicate with them. I couldn’t wait to buy Japanese food although the staff also fascinated me and I bought only many green tea snacks. This memory makes me smile.

To sum up, Portland has many enjoyable places such as great Columbia Basin College, exciting basketball game, and significant Uwajimaya. I could get good experience every single day. I think Portland is a good place to live comfortably for Japanese. I will visit there one more time absolutely. This was an unforgettable experience.

My Memorable Portland Trip

Do you know that Portland is said to be one of the best places to live? Portland, "the City of Roses", is the largest city in Oregon. Extension students went to Portland to learn history and culture from November 9th to 12th. I understood why Portland is said to be one of the best place to live. Portland is artistic, peaceful and fantastic. There are three memorable things with you from my trip: Columbia Basin College, the Portland Art Museum, and Powell's Bookstore.

the memorable photo at CBC
First of all, the experience to visit the Columbia Basin College gave me a precious memory. In the last semester, I met some students from the Columbia Basin College for volunteering. I met them again in this semester on the trip. I could not believe that I got friends and I could meet them again in the US. What a wonderful thing! I had the chance to talk with some students who learn Japanese. We talk a lot about my presentation topic, our future, and many more. They have a lot of interests in Japan and they have a high motivation to learn new things. During talking with them, I realized my English skill growth. The chance to talk with them made my motivation high and gave me a confidence to talk in English, so the memory to visit the college became my precious memory.

Exhibition of Kubo and the Two Strings 
Next, the Portland Art Museum gave me a great memory. It has an exhibition to celebrate Animating Life: The Art, Science, and Wonder of LAIKA, artistry and technology of the globally renowned animation studio. The exhibition shows the process to make a LAIKA movie, and we could see materials of movies, such as, Kubo and the Two Strings (2016), The Boxtrolls ( 2014), ParaNorman (2012), and Coraline (2009). I couldn't believe that movies were made by people with amazing technical skills with teeny-tiny materials. The miniature world of the movie was on display spread throughout a room and it was amazing. It made me feel that it was like I was in the movie world. I had a great time at the Portland Art Museum.

Books that made me a shopaholic
Finally, Powell's Bookstore gave me a memory that was just like a dreamscape. Powell's Bookstore was like heaven for me. I want to ask a question for you who are reading this blog and who are a bookworm. Have you ever been to Powell's Bookstore? Powell's Bookstore is the best bookstore ever. It was like a maze, the heaven of books, or a jungle of books. It was the place that I was really looking forward to going to the most on the trip. We spent 1 hour and a half there, but it was not enough time to enjoy the whole of the huge bookstore for me. Time flew so quickly and It was almost like a dream. Powell's Bookstore made me a shopaholic. I bought 4 books without looking at the cost. I had a wonderful time at the bookstore and I want to go there one more time.

In conclusion, I was able to have great experiences in this trip and I spent memorable time with extension students. I will never forget my time at Columbia Basin College, the Portland Art Museum and Powell's Bookstore. The Portland trip was a valuable time, because it was the last trip in this extension program. Trips with extension members are lifetime memories for me.

Incredible and Wonderful Portland

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

The Awesome Last Trip in Portland

I went on the Portland trip on November 9th to November 12th with the extension students and a teacher Sarah. This was the last trip in the extension program. I went there by bus and it took about 6 hours. The biggest feature of Portland is that it is tax free. So I really looked forward to going shopping. Also I enjoyed talking with university students and learning the history about Lewis and Clark. I think this trip was one of the most awesome trip ever for three reasons: going shopping, the Columbia Basin College, and the Lewis and Clark Museum.

Related image
Beautiful Lipstick 
First of all, I had a great time shopping in Portland. I wanted to buy many things such as clothes, cosmetics, and souvenirs because Portland is tax free. I went to two big shopping malls in downtown. I couldn’t buy souvenirs but I could buy a 20th birthday present for my best friend. I bought a perfume of Marc Jacobs and it looks very cute. In addition, I wanted to buy black pants in Forever 21. It was really cheap so I was happy to buy it. The main purpose of shopping was to buy a lipstick in Chanel. It was expensive for me so I wanted to buy it with tax free. Finally, I found it and I bought my favorite color, red. I was delighted to buy my favorite one. This was really gorgeous and it became my treasure.

Related image
Awesome Columbia Basin College
Second, I had an awesome time in the Columbia Basin College with the students. When I went there, we created origami together and I taught them how to fold the crane. It was a good time to share the Japanese culture. This class was very short so I couldn’t talk so much but with the next parson, I shared my presentation about hot springs. He was a really good audience and it was my first time to give a presentation in front of someone. So, I was really nervous but he listened carefully and gave some advice. It was really useful for me. However, unfortunately, he had to go next class soon after presentation so my partner changed. The next person didn’t know about hot springs so I told him about hot springs generally instead of my presentation. I couldn’t give my whole presentation and he wasn’t interested in the hot springs at first. However, after I explained about hot springs, especially about special healing powers, he said he wants to go. I was very glad to hear that.

Image result for lewis and clark
Lewis and Clark
Third, I enjoyed learning about Lewis and Clark in the awesome historical museum. I could learn their life, their journey, their purpose and some other things like that. I wore the clothes that the people wore a long time ago. It was a little heavy but very cool. I took pictures with my friend and it became a good memory. In addition, I was surprised because in this time, they use small white shells as money. However the most interesting thing was that the staff showed us a real gun to hunt animals. Also he actually used it in front of us. I was surprised because the sound was really big and powerful. Lewis and Clark used this in the past to get the food. I enjoyed learning the history about them.

In conclusion, I enjoyed awesome experiences when shopping, visiting the Columbia Basin College, and the Lewis and Clark historical museum in the Portland trip. This trip lasted for four days with extension members. This was my last trip in the extension program so I was happy to make awesome memories with other students. I spent very good times there.

My Fabulous Portland Trip

Have you ever been to Portland? I’ve been there on November 9 to 12 and it was my first time to go there. I had a really good time there. Now, I will concentrate on things that I was impressed with during this trip. I went to many wonderful places and it was an exciting trip. I’ll tell you about my fabulous trip. There were three things that were fabulous about this trip to me: the Columbia Basin College, a men’s basketball game, and shopping.

First, I had a great time visiting various educational places, such as Columbia Basin College and Portland English Language Academy. I talked with some American students and it was a really good time to have conversation with them. I introduced to her about my presentation. She didn’t know about my topic, but she tried to understand about tea ceremony, so I was happy. Of course, we talked about many things. She is a running start student, so she is younger than me. At another college, Portland English Language Academy, I joined the class. They weren’t American students, but there were 3 Japanese students and students from other countries. I thought it was a good for me because I could practice and notice what I needed to practice more. I like to talk with foreigners, so I enjoyed talking with them. This experience is one of my best parts of this trip.

Basketball game
Second, we watched a fantastic men’s basketball game at University of Portland. I enjoyed watching this game. Their team name was called Pilots and the rival team was called Vikings. Actually, Pilots got 75 points and Vikings got 79 points, so Pilots lost. When the game was finished, I was sad because Pilots lost. It was the first time to watch the basketball game so close. It was super fun, so I was satisfied. My first basketball game was super interesting. I was excited.

Powell's bookstore
Third, I enjoyed going shopping in Portland. This time was good for me. I love shopping, so it was the most interesting point. We went some places, such as Powell’s bookstore, Pioneer place, Uwajimaya and so on. I like Uwajimaya the best because I ate ramen noodle and it was Japanese. When we ate it, we were impressed. We almost cried because we miss Japanese foods. I think Japanese foods are the best around the world. Also, Powell’s bookstore is one of my favorite bookstores. There are thousand of books, so it was fun to look at these books. There are many books, so it was sometimes difficult to look for the book, but it became a good memory for me. There were some awesome places to go shopping in Portland. It wasn’t enough time to go shopping. It was a great time for me.

In conclusion, my experiences were awesome and I really want to go there again. I stayed there for only four days, but it wasn’t enough time for me. I want to go shopping with more time and I want to see other historical places more. I had a lot of valuable memories during this trip. I would like to go there again.

My Fabulous Memories

I made wonderful memories that will last my lifetime in the Portland trip with my friends from the extension program. We went on the trip from November 9-12. While we were there we stayed at a beautiful hotel. I have never been to Portland, so I got good experiences, especially Columbia Basin College, Portland Art Museum and Portland Saturday Market. I really enjoyed this trip and I wanted to continue my time there. I think this trip was the best experience in my life because of many opportunities to learn American culture.
A great CBC
First, I had a good time in Columbia Basin College. I was very nervous, because I had to explain about my presentation. My presentation was very difficult to understand for American students.  Also it was the first time to show my presentation, so I had no idea how to explain easily. Also I can’t say  correct pronunciation such as r, l, and th, so I worried about whether I communicated what I wanted to say, but I didn't have to have concern, because they listened to my presentation with smiles, so I was very comfortable. I don’t know how much they could understand, but I thought that I got a nice pair to work with. After my presentation, they gave me some advice about it, for example if I practice my presentation, I will stand up in front of a mirror. I have never done a presentation in my life so I didn’t know how to practice a good way, so It was very helpful for me to know how to practice. They were really kind at Columbia Basin College.
My favorite movie KUBO
Second, I went to a great museum called the Portland Art Museum. I was glad to go to this museum, because it is related to KUBO. Do you know KUBO?  It is an animation movie. I watched it last semester during tutorial, so It is favorite one. This museum makes a lot of animation movies. I couldn’t stop watching every detail, because the details were so beautiful. At the museum there were dolls from the movie and I could feel the delicate hands and hair on them. Also, this museum exhibits many overseas arts, such as Ukiyoe and silver tablewares. Everything was very beautiful, especially I liked silver tablewares, because I was very interested in it, but I have never seen it in Japan, so I was excited very much. My time at the museum was very wonderful.
Wonderful Market
Third, I really enjoyed the Portland Saturday Market. I did a presentation during class before visiting Portland, so I was really looking forward to going there. I liked the market, because it has many handmade arts and jewelries. I liked it more than any brands, because I can buy wonderful things that have only in the world. Actually there were a lot of beautiful things, so I bought some jewelries for my friend and me.  I don’t usually wear jewelries in Japan, but the one I bought was really cute, so I was really looking forward to wearing it. Also I saw very wonderful arts such as pictures, glass works and delicious donuts. I was really happy to spend time here. I really wanted to go there.

In conclusion, I had a great time in the Portland with my friends and I had a lot of good memories. Also, I could learn many cultures in Portland. It was different, so I felt the freshness of new cultures and places. I like the atmosphere in the Portland. I really enjoyed arts, foods, and culture. This trip was truly memorable in my mind. I didn’t have enough time, so I want to visit the Portland again.  

My Wonderful Portland Trip

Did you know that Portland is number one in the ranking of American towns that Japanese people want to live in. I went on the Portland trip which was from November  9th to November 12th with extension students. We went to Portland, Oregon by a bus. There were three places that I enjoyed most on the Portland trip Each place was really stylish and I took photographs of architecture. Moreover, Portland is tax free. It was very great. There were three fantastic places that I enjoyed most on the Portland trip with my friends.

Wodeful City View
First of all, visiting Pioneer Courthouse Square was really fun. The building had a stylish exterior and it sold many products. I bought many good things.  For example, clothes and cosmetics. This shopping mall is very huge and wide and it sells many things. So I had an awesome time the whole day and I found many good things. My favorite stores were in the Square. There was the chocolate shop in Pioneer Courthouse Square. This shop had many kinds of chocolate and many good things for souvenirs. I tried one. It was very delicious. It also looked perfect. I want to eat again. There was also SEPHORA. There were many more kinds of cosmetics in the Portland Sephora store than in the downtown mall in Spokane. So I couldn't choose what I should buy. It was a really good memory.

Awesome Basketball Teams
Secondly, I had a great time at the basketball game on November 11th. It was a close battle from the beginning to the end. The men’s basketball teams playing were the University of Portland vs the Portland State University. So there was very strong power and this game attracted many people. Both teams were very strong so I couldn't move my eyes. I especially liked to watch the sport game, so my eyes were also riveted on the game. I had a great experience. I want to back if I can go there again.

Delicious Voodoo Doughnut

Thirdly, Voodoo Doughnuts had extremely delicious doughnuts. This shop has many kinds of chocolates and doughnuts and many good things for souvenirs. I tried a doughnut. My favorite was the Old Dirty Bastard. It was a delicious raised yeast doughnut with chocolate frosting, Oreo cookies, and peanut butter. Everything seemed delicious so I wanted to try everything. I was surprised that many people waited in the long line at the front of the shop to buy the donuts during the rainy day. I waited to buy about over 30 minutes. Compared with other donut shops, this shop's donuts were very cute and the interior was also awesome on the inside of the shop. This donut shop was the best.

In summary, my experience at Portland had many fantastic experiences. Everything and every location attracted me so much, such as the architecture, shopping mall, basketball and Voodoo Doughnuts. I had a lot of fantastic experiences with my friends and learned many things from this trip. I hope I could go again to Portland. Additionally, this trip was one of my best memories in my life. I won't forget it ever.