Amusing Folk Arts

Folk means “people in general”. Have you ever seen the arts were made by ordinary people? Folks come from culture of community. One man donated many arts. These arts reflect value of community. These arts are very beautiful and wonderful, and fascinate many people.

     This exhibition expresses daily life of people. Some people work, and some people go to cemetery, and pray. Each person does own work. People can learn not only one part of people’s life but also whole people’s life from this exhibition.

     This exhibition expresses a circus. There are many kinds of animals like elephants, zebras and hippopotamus. Also, there are some people who are playing musical instrument. Only seeing this exhibition let people think how this circus is popular and lively.
     This exhibition expresses bullfighting. Bullfighting is developed in Spain, and brought to the New World by Spanish in the early 1500s. This exhibition shows many people are attracted by the skill and grace of bullfi…

Japanese American Memorial

When I found this poem, I could imagine the Japanese Americans’ lives and feelings during WWII. Even though this poem is very simple, it shows deep meaning. During WWII, Japan bombed Hawaii. Then American people started to fear Japanese Americans. Even though Japanese Americans would not do anything, Americans were prejudiced against them. Japanese Americans were interned in camps and lost their jobs, houses, things including their family pictures. Some were separated from their families.

     Japanese Americans were not treated as Americans. This poem reminds us how they were discriminated against. Now, people know that act was wrong. According to this blunder, we must not do the same deed ever again.

Sure, I go to school Same as you. I’m an American

Japanese Ameican Memorial

I couldn’t understand the meaning of the poems at first despite there being many words that I know the meaning of in the poems. However, I finally noticed that each poem had a very deep meaning. Also, each poem included feelings of many people. The reason why I was impressed by this poem is the person who wrote this poem was not ashamed of being Japanese American. Although Japanese Americans were seen with different eyes those days, this person didn’t mind. I realized that this person was proud of himself.

Japanese American Memorial in Portland
Hitomi Matsui

My favorite poem at the Japanese American Memorial in Portland is “Sure, I go to school Same as you. I’m an American” The reason I chose this poem is this poem is pretty simple, but it has a strong impression and meaning for me. Through reading this poem, I felt pity for Japanese Americans who lived during that time. I imagined Japanese American students at that time must be eager to go to school, but the Americans around them were unfriendly for them when they saw Japanese Americans. The situation at that time did not allow Japanese Americans to go school or do something freely like now. If they can go school, maybe there was still much discrimination for Japanese American people. They must have felt that this is not fair. One of the part of this poem ”I’m an American citizen” shows Japanese Americans wanted to be treated equally by American people. Also for me this poem sounds a little aggressive, but I feel they pretended to be tou…

Great Experiences of Portland Trip

I had wonderful times with all extension student in Portland. In four days, I experienced a lot of things that I had never been before, such as talking with Columbia Basin College students, buying the items which made by people in Portland and enjoying at the huge bookstore. In these places, I learned a lot of new information and found amazing places in Portland.There were three places on the trip that impressed me most. First of all, I enjoyed talking with students in Columbia Basin College. My partner was a man who is 23 years old, and he can speak English, Spanish, French and Japanese. I was really surprised at his numbers of speaking languages. At first, I taught him how to make a paper crane. It was a little difficult for me to teach in English, but he was good at making it, so I could teach it. After, he gave me a bookmark which written his words. He thought about a long times, he made “haiku”. It’s like short poem. He also wrote a pictures with haiku. I was really impressed his …

Admirable City Portland

I had a great time in the admirable city Portland. In the early November, I went to Portland as my study trip with extension students for 5 days. I could feel the history and beauty of Portland a lot. I especially enjoyed meeting people. Every experiences that I had was reasonable. I would like to share my 3 best memories of this trip.

First, on our way to go to Portland, we stopped Columbia Basin College. We had opportunity to communicate Japanese class students. At that time, I talked to 2 boys with my friend. At first, I was very nervous about its, because I did not think I could speak them well. However, they were so kind to me and we could talk about many thing, for example our dreams, Japanese and American culture. That was really fun to me, and I made really good friends. In addition, this experience made my confidence for speaking English with American people.

Second, I visited Saturday Market in Portland. There were many hand crafting and souvenir shops. I thought the mar…

Respectable Voice of The Japanese American

Respectable Voice of The Japanese American Chisato Fujii
            When I saw this poem, I felt strong feeling of this poet like “I am an American,” and I also felt this poet’s voice like “Why am I not treated as an American?” I’ve never lived in this period of world war Ⅱ, and of course, I’ve never experienced this suffering and war, but I could feel people’s voice of this period thanks to this poet. Without these Japanese Americans’ voices, I couldn’t feel and understand their feeling and thought. When I understand this poem’s meaning, this poem made me sad, but I also understood Japanese Americans were proud of themselves in the middle of the war. I respect them and am proud.